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How to remove Kumari Cosmetics Magnetic Liner and Magnetic Eyelashes

How to remove Kumari Cosmetics Magnetic Liner and Magnetic Eyelashes

Nov 24, 2022

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Cleaning Your Magnetic False Eye Lashes Regularly Is Very Important. , If You Care For Your Magnetic LashesAnd Apply Them Properly, They Will Go A Long Way. They’re A Popular Choice For People Around The World Because They’re Reusable And Look Amazing! Here is Few Easy Steps To Clean Your Kumari Cosmetics Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner Properly,

Step 1. Clean Your Hand First And Gently Remove Your Kumari Cosmetics Magnetic Lash StripsBy Grabbing Lash Band WithLash ApplicatorFrom The Outer Corner And Slowly Pulling Away From Your Lash Line Towards Your Inner Eye Corner.

Step 2. Clean The Liquid Liner Residue, Soak Up The Cotton Pad Into The Makeup Remover. Rub It Against The Lashes. This Will Dissolve Any Residue Left On The Lashes. Apply Only A Light Pressure As You Don’t Want To Ruin The Shape Of Your Fake Lashes. Make Sure That You Remove Them Properly And Take Care Of Them So That They Last.

Step 3. To Ensure Your MagnetsAnd LashesAre Clean, You Should Use 90% Alcohol. Dab A Cotton Swab In Alcohol. Then, Run It Along The Strip Of The Magnets And The Lashes. You Will Get Crisp Clean False Lashes.

Step 4. To Dry Your Magnetic Lashes Put The LashesOn A Clean Towel And Leaving Them To Air Dry. Once They’re Fully Dry, Comb Them Through With An Eyelash Comb or Glitter Spoolie. This Will Help Them Restore Their Shape.

Step 5. Put Your Magnetic False LashesBack Into TheKumari Cosmetics Luxury MagneticBox To Keep Them Safe And To Prevent Any Damage. Click Them Back Onto The Magnetic Portion Of The Box Will Allow Them To Stay In Good Shape So That You Can use Them Again And Again.

Step 6. Removing Magnetic EyelinerIs Same As You Removing Any Normal Eyeliner. Use A Waterproof Make-Up Remover With A Cotton Pad To Gently Remove The EyelinerFrom Your Eyelid. Very Gentle On Your Skin And Will Not Get Makeup Remover Into Your Eyes. If You See Any Makeup Residue Left On Them.

Keep Your Fake Magnetic LashesSomewhere Dry, Clean And Safe And You Can Reuse Them.