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Apply Kumari Cosmetics False EyeLashes: Step By Step guide

Apply Kumari Cosmetics False EyeLashes: Step By Step guide

Nov 24, 2022

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Apply Kumari Cosmetics Strip Lashes Application Step By Step:


100% Human Hair Lashes Are 100% Cruelty Free And Vegan Free And Are Reusable Up To 20-25 Times If Cared For Correctly.


Applying Our Kumari Cosmetics False EyeLashes


  1. Curl Your Natural Eyelashes And Apply Mascara.
  2. Begin With Help Of Kumari Cosmetics Lash Applicator/Tweezer Pinch The Lash Band In One Corner And Carefully Peel Off The Fake EyeLashs.
  3. Bend Lash Band To Give Curve Shape So It Will Match Perfectly To Your Eye Shape.
  4. Measure Your False Eye Lashes And Trim From The Outer Corner If Needed.
  5. Hold The Lash Band And Apply A Thin Layer Of Kumari Cosmetics Eyelashes Adhesive To The Lash Band With A Brush Applicator Comes With Kumari Cosmetics Adhesive Glue.
  6. Wait Till The Glue Dry For About 30 Seconds. Once Glue Get Clear Formula Is Dry Enough To Become Tacky.
  7. Using The Tweezers Again, Place The Strip Lashes Centre Of The Lash Line.
  8. If You Need To Adjust Simply Take The Corner Of The Lash, Pull Outer Corner Then Inner Corner To Reposition.
  9. Apply Black Eyeliner To Hide The Lash Strip And Filling In Any Little Gaps And Tidy Up The Lash Line.
  10. Add Another Coat Of Mascara To Help Blend Them With Your Real Lashes.
  11. See Our Care Card On How To Care For Your Lashes.