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Simple & Easy Makeup Spoolies Hack You Never Knew Before

Simple & Easy Makeup Spoolies Hack You Never Knew Before

Nov 24, 2022

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Fun and Easy Makeup Spoolies Hack You Never Knew Before

Spoolie/Wand Brush Applications Are Endless. This small tool can have a big impact on any makeup look. It Can Make Your Brows Look Fluffy And Groomed. It can also help you achieve perfect laminated brow style.

Hygiene Is Always Important, But Germs Are Particularly Risky In Makeup Artistry, So Always Use Disposable Spoolies And Never Double Dip!

Here Is A Little Magic Wand To Make Your Beauty Routine Much Easier.

Here Are 9 Spoolie Hacks You Need To Know Right Now.


Set Your Brows And Tame Your Flyaways Using A Spoolie !

If Your Flyways And Eyebrow Is Misbehaving Use Some Hairspray Or Eyebrow Gel On Your Spoolie And Brush Your Eyebrows Upwards To Get Those Perfect Arch Then Use It On Your Hair To Tame Those Flyaways. You Can Also Use Brow Soap And Spoolie To Push Your Eyebrow Hairs All The Way Up.


Avoid the clumping Mascara & Blend your natural lashes with false lashes !

Once You Apply Your False Lashes With Help Of Lash Applicator Dip The Glitter Spoolie Mascara Wand On To The Mascara Or You Can Use Clean Spoolie Run Through Them On Your Natural Lashes And Wiggle From Down To Upward Motion. This Will Get Rid Of Clumps And Help Separate The Lashes. Also Blend Your Natural Lashes With False EyeLashes And Make Your Eyes Look More Open And Make Them Appear Fuller.


Use Castor Oil As A Lash And Brow Serum !

Dip Your Spoolie In Castor Oil Use The Spoolie To Distribute Evenly Throughout. Castor Oil Has Ability To Fight Off Bacteria Or Fungal Growth On The Skin May Help Protect Your Follicles From Damage, Which Can Keep Your Hair Healthy And Promote Hair Growth.


Transform Any Pair Of Cheap False Lashes Look Luxurious Look !

Grab A Glitter Spoolie With Lash Applicator Tweezer And Any Drugstore Natural Eye Lashes, And Brush The Lashes Outwards, In Horizontal Back And Forth Motions. This Will Separate The Lashes, Making The Lash Strip Appear Fuller And Glamorous.


Bend The Wand To Master The Mascara !

If You Bend Your Mascara Wand That Comes With The Tube, It May Not Go Back In The Tube Properly. Bend Your Glitter Spoolie Disposable Mascara Wand Dip In To Your Mascara Bottle. Apply Them With The Bent Wand Like You Would Do Normally. It Gives You A Better Control On Your Wand And Applying The Mascara In Your Bottom And Inner Lashes A Lot Easier.


Groom Your Brows !

After Applying Brow Gel, Wax, Pencil Or Pomade, Brush Through Them Upwards Make Sure There’s No Harsh Line The Product Is Evenly Distributed And Everything Is Looking Tidy.


Lash Extension Maintenance !

Once You Get Your Lash Extensions Done You Need To Maintain Them By Regularly Cleaning The Lashes And Grooming Them With A Spoolie To Keep Them In Great Shape.


Exfoliate Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick !

Apply Your Favourite Lip Balm Or The Vaseline To Your Lips And Gently Rub The Spoolie In Circular Motions. Wipe It Clean. This Hack Will Work Wonders To Instantly Give You Softer Lips.


Clean Your Nails !

A nail file or clipper does not easily reach under your nails to remove dirt. Use a spoolies to remove dirt and get rid of any unnecessary stubborn nail paint on your nails.


Glitter Spoolie It May Also Use It As A Make-Up Finishing Touch Up

Once You Apply Fake Eye Lashes with Tweezer When You Open Your Eye,  Glue Sticking Between Your Upper And Under Lashes, Use Spoolie To Untangle Them.

Accidentally Smudged Your Mascara Once You Finish Your Eye Makeup. Leave It Until Its Dry Then Gently Scrape It Off The Mess With The Help Of The Spoolie.

Once You Finish Your Makeup If You Have Any Eyeshadow Or Glitters Fall Out. To Remove Use The Spoolie To Pick Up Any Mess And Loose Glitters.