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Magnetic Lashes Important Tips

Magnetic Lashes Important Tips

Nov 25, 2022

kumari cosmetics

Magnetic False Eyelashes Are Tricky To Apply And Harder To Remove. If You Are Struggling To Apply And Remove Your Magnetic False EyeLashes Please Read and Follow The Instruction Below

  1. Please Make Sure That Your Eyelid Is Completely Free From Oil Before Applying Your Magnetic Eyeliner, This Will Drastically Improve The Eyeliner's Hold - For Oily Lids, Please Cleanse The Eye Area And Ensure It Is Dry And Clean.
  2. Do Not Use Any Oil-Based Removers On Your Lashes As This Can Damage Them Permanently Or You Might Dislodge The Magnets.
  3. Remove The Eyeliner With Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.
  4. Apply Your Mascara Or Eyeshadow Before Your Eyeliner.
  5. Do Not Use An Oil Based Mascara With The FalseEyelashes.
  6. Do Not Use Cleansing Oil To Clean Your Magnetic Lashes As This Will Cause Them To Fall Apart. Cleansing Oil Is Strictly For Removing Eyeliner From Your Eyelid.
  7. If Needed, Trim Your Kumari Cosmetics Magnetic Lashes From The Outer Ends To Fit Your Natural Eye Shape.
  8. Always Make Sure To Use Lash Applicator To Grab When Applying or Remove The Faux Magnetic Eyelashes.