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Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Is An Advanced Process That Transforms Your Hair Into A Straight, Smooth, Shiny, And Glossy Look. Keratin Is Used In Treatment (The Primary Protein Of Skin, Hair And Nails). Straighten and smooth out all types of hair, including very curly hair. 

Keratin Brazilian Cocochoco 

Keratin Is A Natural Substance That Allows Your Hair To Restore Its Original Healthy, Shiny, Smooth, And Conditioned State. 

Do Not Change The Color Of Your Hair. It will protect the colour and strengthen the hair. 

Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Strengthens The Hair With An Intense Conditioning Treatment. Brazilian Keratin Treatment Prevents Structural Damage and Does Not Contain Formaldehyde. 

It makes your hair smoother and healthier after each treatment while cutting and styling.

How long does the treatment last? 

The effects of Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin Treatment are visible after 3-6 months. 

It is dependent on how many treatments you have had before, as well as the care you take by using the appropriate aftercare products. 

It is recommended that you use Cocochoco Sulphat Free Shampoo and Conditioner and avoid salt water, such as rain, sea water, and so forth, for best results.


Wash The Hair Twice With Cocochoco Clarifying Shampoo, Rinse And Towel Dry.. 

Blow Dry The Hair Until Completely Dry.

Comb The Hair Throughly.

Shake The Bottle Well Before Using The Product. 

Brush The Brazilian Keratin Treatment In Sections Of Hair, Avoiding The Scalp, And Comb Out Excess.

After 30 Minutes, Blow-Dry The Hair On Medium Heat Until Completely Dry. 

Using hair straighteners set from 200 up to 230°C, straighten the hair 5 to 8 times to seal in the treatment (keratin original – temperature up to 230C and up to 7/8 times, keratin Pure and Gold 200-220C up to 5/6 times). (Adjust the temperature and amount of streaks to the condition of the hair)

Do Not Wash Or Tie The Hair. And Follow The Aftercare Instructions Carefully. 

After 3 days, wash the hair with Cocochoco Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. 


How To Take Care Of Your Hair After Keratin Therapy? For The First 72 Hours After The Treatment:

Please Follow These Steps Without Taking Any Shortcuts

Do Not Wash Your Hair For 72 Hours

Don’t Bend Or Tie Your Hair In Any Ways

Do Not Cover Your Head With Anything

Use Hair Straightener Occasionally In The Morning If Your Hair Curls/ Frizzes While Sleeping

In Case The Hair Gets Wet Or Absorbs Too Much Moisture, Blow Dry It Quickly And Straighten.

To Wash Your Hair And Prolong Treatment Effect You Will Need To Use Cocochoco Professional Sulphate Free Shampoo (Sulphate Will Wash Out Keratin From The Hair Very Quickly). Wash Your Hair As Often As You Need. After Every Wash Apply Cocochoco Professional Conditioner, This Conditioner Is Silicone-Free (Conditioners With Silicone Will Damage Coating Created By Melting The Keratin Product). After Washing, Blow Dry Your Hair For Better Effects. Try Not To Use Invasive Styling Products That Contain Alcohol. In Addition Once A Week You Can Use Cocochoco Professional Hair Mask. It Makes Hair Extra Smooth, Soft, Shiny And Healthy.

Please Note That Not All Sulphate Free Shampoos Are Suitable As Aftercare And Cocochoco Ireland Doesn’t Takes Responsibility For Any Other Aftercare Brands.

After Treatment

Ensure To Only Use Our Cocochoco Sulphate Free Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum And Mask.

To Assist In Extending The Life Of The Treatment:

Use Cocochoco Sulphate Free Shampoo With Every Wash

Use Cocochoco Conditioner & Keratin Mask Twice A Week.

Use Cocochoco Serum On A Regular Basis.

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